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The movie creation occurred over a 7 year period.  The Lord led me along a path of wondering, resisting, exploring, learning, creating and finally producing His Movie (all from a fallen-away Catholic who was away from the Church for the first 40 some years of his life chasing his own secular dreams):


A woman approached me one Sunday after Mass and told me of the wonderful experience that she just had at an "Eileen George Retreat".  I asked her who Eileen George was as I had never heard of her.  She gave me a book written by Eileen where Eileen describes her "travels" to Heaven and the messages from God for all of us.  At that point in time with the low level of spiritual growth that I had, I frankly found it all very hard to believe, after all, I was a man of science with a Degree in Civil Engineering.  I had to "see it, feel it, touch it, take it apart and see how it works".  This Eileen George reportedly had gifts of prophecy, revelation, words of knowledge, healing and tongues.  Was it true? Did these things really exist?  I had to find out for myself!

Eileen George at the Malvern Retreat House, Malvern, Pennsylvania


I attend my first week long Eileen George Retreat.  there are about 100+ people in attendance, many who have traveled great distances and many who come to Eileen's Retreats time and time again.  During the week, I play "Devil's Advocate" and quiz many of the people: "You really don't believe this hocus-pocus, do you?"  Needless to say, the stories and testimonies that I heard all week long were nothing short of amazing, especially the stories of miraculous physical healings.  As my first Eileen George retreat drew to a close, all doubt was quickly removed when I myself received a spiritual healing and then a physical healing (degenerated discs in my spine)!  For the next 4 years I attend Eileen's retreats (held twice a year) listening to her wonderful stories of God and his infinite love, getting to know her, and eventually becoming good friends (and ultimately removing all doubts from my mind ... this Eileen George was truly genuine, the "real deal", and spoke TRUTH).

Eileen George Retreat, Malvern, Pennsylvania


At this point in time (after attending my first of 8 Eileen George week-long Retreats) I feel a "calling" to make a video of the Catholic Mass showing what Eileen says she sees in the spirit realm (she goes into detail in one of her books).  I immediately think this idea is crazy!  I have never made a movie before and I have no knowledge of video equipment, let alone how to create supernatural video images (angels, etc.).  This all seems way over my head, so I dismiss the thought entirely.

JULY 2007

I'm now back at my second Eileen George Retreat and the thoughts of creating a spirit realm Mass Video are back and stronger.  I begin to entertain the thought of what a supernatural video might look like and actually prepare a "scene list" of Eileen's spirit realm observations at Mass.  For the next 2 years, I gradually squeeze out of Eileen details of what she sees at Mass (like St. Michael standing beside the Priest during the Consecration).  It's a slow process gathering the information over many years because Eileen really doesn't like to talk about it.

JULY 2009

I'm now attending my sixth Eileen George Retreat and in the space of one hour I have 3 people approach me and tell me that I should go see "Kathleen McCarthy".  I have never heard of Kathleen McCarthy but after some investigation I learn that she leads a prayer group at a local parish 20 minutes from my home.  Upon the conclusion of Eileen's Retreat I call Kathleen McCarthy and she invites me to her prayer group.  I told her that I would be there at the next meeting and I have attended every Thursday night ever since.  I quickly learn that the Lord has placed me with another very anointed woman who has many (if not all) of the same spiritual gifts that I witnessed in Eileen George.

Kathleen McCarthy at the Malvern Retreat House, Malvern, Pennsylvania
Kathleen McCarthy's Prayer Group, Corpus Christi Chapel, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

JUNE 2010

Between my association with Eileen George and now Kathleen McCarthy, I decide to move forward and purchase video equipment (multiple high definition cameras, special computer hardware, "Hollywood-type" software, etc.).  I find the learning curve to be extremely difficult (even with my engineering background) as the video software is not very "user-friendly" and came with no instructions.  It's quite a struggle for me to learn video editing and special effects creation having had no training in the field.  I begin to "practice" by shooting Kathleen McCarthy's conferences, retreats and speaking engagements.

JULY 2010

Here I am at my eighth Eileen George Retreat.  I feel that I have gathered all the information that I need from Eileen and I prepare a formal video script.  I should mention that over the last several years, I have researched what other visionaries from around the world see at the Catholic Mass and it all agrees with what Eileen George has been telling me.


I decide to give my video script to 4 Catholic Priests for their review and comments.  What I get back was not encouraging at all, ranging from "I wouldn't waste my time on that kind of project" to "You'll never be able to afford the cost of such a project".  At this point, needless to say, I'm discouraged and am questioning pursuing this endeavor.


I still can't shake off the desire to make this movie (as crazy as it sounds), so I begin shooting various church exterior scenes in the area.

JULY 2012

After shooting numerous videos of Kathleen McCarthy (conferences, retreats, etc.) up to this point in time, I have gained the proficiency, knowledge and confidence to earnestly pursue the production of the Mass Movie.  I now have a "sense" that it's time to begin.


Throughout this entire process, I really didn't know where I was going to shoot the Mass Movie.  My parish church just didn't feel right to me, and to make matters worse, we were recently assigned a new pastor who I knew that I knew would have nothing to do with the movie project.  My wife and I had become steadily disenchanted with our parish so we began "shopping" for a new parish.  On successive Sundays we tried several local Catholic parishes and then one Sunday we walked into a local Catholic church and I immediately knew that was the church where the movie would be filmed.  I can't logically explain it ... I had a "knowing".  I should mention that I really didn't ever discuss this "movie idea" EVER with my wife because I'm sure she would have thought that I was crazy.  Much to my surprise, when we walked out of this particular church after Mass, my wife turned to me and exclaimed that this is the church we should join (and I hadn't told her of my feelings when we initially walked into the church)!


We have been attending our "new" parish for just over 2 months now and we really don't know the pastor.  I think to myself that I should probably get to know him for about a year before I approach him with this "crazy idea" of making a movie.  Just that quick, I sense "no don't wait, do it now".  The following Sunday after Mass, I ask the pastor if he would have lunch with me one day as I would like to discuss an "evangelizing tool" for lukewarm and fallen-away Catholics.  He immediately responds that he has tried everything (pamphlets, flyers, booklets, etc.) but would be happy to hear what was on my mind.  That following week we met at my home and after lunch I showed the pastor a short 5 minute "demo" video that I had made illustrating the Hollywood-type supernatural special effects.  Well, when the demo had ended he just sat in the chair with a blank stare.  I was now wondering if he thought that I was crazy.  All of a sudden he jumps out of the chair with such excitement you would have thought that he just won the lottery!  He comes over to me, gives me a great big hug and exclaims that the movie idea was just what he has been looking for!  He says to me, "How soon can we get started?"  This was surely "Divine Providence".


In less than a month's time, I have shot all of the Mass footage at one of the parish Masses and shoot all of the close-up scenes with the pastor and his assistant priest.


During this 10 month period, I craft the video, edit the clips and scenes and create all of the supernatural special effects (which turns out to be a monumental job).  Throughout the entire process, I deliver numerous working drafts of the movie to the pastor and his assistant priest for comments and revisions (of which there were many ... I find that the pastor is more of a perfectionist than I am, if that's possible!)


We are approaching our target distribution date of Christmas so we wrap-up the last of the revisions and send the Master Disc off for DVD Disc replication ordering 15,000 copies.


We place tables at all of the church exit doors and stack the DVDs on the tables for FREE distribution to all of the people attending all of the Christmas Masses (the crowds are overflowing at Christmas and Easter Masses).  The DVD is well received and in 3 months time 10,000 copies have been distributed throughout the area.

MARCH 2014

We submit the Mass Movie to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia requesting a NIHIL OBSTAT and IMPRIMATUR and, much to our surprise, we receive the approval back in only 10 days!  (It's just been one miracle after another!)

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