Journey ...


With NO film or video background or training, I had no idea how I was going to "pull this off".  I didn't know where to begin, but The Lord led me every step of the way ...


1.)  Just in The Lord's perfect timing, negative events were occurring at my parish that would eventually have me leave and lead me to finding the perfect parish for the movie location (a good example of God working everything together for a greater good).

2.)  When I found the perfect movie location, I was hesitant to approach the pastor (who I didn't know) and I wanted to wait a year to get to know the man before I hit him with this crazy idea.  Again, God had this all worked out and in His perfect timing planted the same desires on the pastor's heart as He did mine.  When the pastor jumped out of the chair after watching the Demo Movie that I had prepared and hugged me, I immediately knew that God had put us together for His plan.  And not only that, but He gave me a pastor who was in a rush to get the job done which is exactly how I felt.

3.)  At the time I began to think about how to structure the movie content, an old famous Sitcom came on TV (in reruns) as I would prepare dinner at home each night.  The show was structured such that each time a new scene came on it was proceeded with a simple title (white letters on a black background) similar to the old silent movies.  I immediately knew that was the structure to use.  Very shortly thereafter, the Sitcom was taken off the air and I haven't seen it since.  (All in God's perfect timing).

4.)  As I put together the various segments during the editing process, I had no ideas for the narration content.  Concurrent with the pre-production period of the Mass Movie, The Lord had directed me to a Kathleen McCarthy who He spoke through (prophecies) each week at her parish prayer meetings.  Early on in my association with Kathleen (2009), the Lord directed that the prophecies be audio recorded and compiled into a book and then eventually onto audio compact discs.  At the point when I was ready to draft the movie narrative we had hundreds of pages of prophecies and the thought came to me to look through the material to see if there was anything that I could use.  Needless to say, just about the entire movie narrative came from the prophecies.  This was clearly one of the many reasons I was sent to Kathleen.  (God had every little detail worked out for His movie!).
For more information on Kathleen McCarthy and her book and audio compact discs, please visit:    KathleenMcCarthy.org

5.)  It was October of 2012 when I met the pastor and he gave me the "green light" to proceed with the movie.  I then began to think about some of the small details (props, costumes, etc.).  Again, in God's perfect timing, Halloween is a couple of weeks away.  At this time of year, Halloween costume superstores pop up out of nowhere for a month and then disappear for the rest of the year.  Right after my meeting with the pastor, I happen to drive past a Halloween superstore and decide to go in thinking I might be able to find some Angel props and costumes.  I found everything that I needed and even found a great sword and warrior shield for St. Michael.

6.)  Shortly after my warrior shield purchase, I receive an email from Kathleen McCarthy on another matter and at the bottom of the email was: Put "Quis ut Deus" on the shield.  I had told NO ONE that I had bought a shield!  I asked Kathleen what that was all about and she said it was St. Michael's trademark (so to speak).

7.)  When I was putting together the Angel Special Effects, I was struggling to find a way to have them walk down the church aisles.  At this same time (did I ever say ... in God's perfect timing?), my daughter who was in college at the time was on a class trip to Los Angeles, California.  As they were touring around she emailed me a photo of a film studio they had visited.  The studio was doing Special Effects of people running and the way they did it was to have them run on a treadmill-type device.  Problem solved ... I bought a cheap treadmill to film the Angels walking!  By the way, I never had told my daughter that I was making this movie!

8.)  I needed a large group shot of standing people for the Consecration Scene (friends and family that have gone on to Heaven).  I couldn't find anything that was suitable.  Concurrently, at this point in time, Kathleen McCarthy was holding an 8 week long seminar at a local parish and she had asked me to film it.  130 people were in attendance.  At the end of the seminar, everyone wanted a group photo which I was happy to provide.  You guessed it ... as soon as I saw the group photo I knew it would be perfect for the Consecration Scene!  (Isn't God the best!).

9.)  During the many revisions to the movie in the editing phase, the pastor told me that he wanted to incorporate a Crucifixion Scene in the movie.  I said I would see what I could do not having a clue as to what to do.  I had an old Jesus movie at home and thought I would try to adapt a scene from it.  When I overlayed it in our movie the Crucifix lined up perfectly with the Crucifix in our church.  Wow!

10.)  As I look at the Mass Movie more and more, I see some very interesting things that were not pre-planned.  Here are a few and if you too look at the movie very closely maybe you can find more "coincidences" also:

A.)  In the "Offerings and Petitions" Segment there is a little toddler in the pews appearing to actually see the Angels.

B.)  In the "Consecration" Segment, on the opening shot Our Lady (statue) seems to be presenting the Chalice of the Most Precious Blood with her hands.

C.)  In the "Spiritual Food for Life Eternal" Segment, Our Lady (statue) has her opened hands on the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.  This shot was not pre-planned for that to happen and I had no idea who the minister would be when I set the camera in position (and how tall she would be).

11.)  I originally found some music for the beginning and end of the movie composed by a very famous film composer.  It was a PERFECT fit.  It had to be what The Lord wanted ... or so I thought.  I sent a letter to the publisher requesting permission to use the music and received no reply.  I sent a letter to the composer himself and received no reply.  I sent a letter to the composer's agent and received no reply.  All the while this is going on I said to Kathleen McCarthy that as crazy as it sounded, I felt that the composer was going to write custom music for our movie.  She told me that she felt the same way.  Well, the whole Summer went by and there I was at the "Eleventh Hour" with no permission for the music.  I telephone out to California to the agent and after several phone calls I am told permission WILL NOT be forthcoming at all.  I was crushed!  What was I going to do for the most important pieces of music?
The following day, I'm sifting through some junk emails and open a "new products" email from the company where I bought the camera equipment.  I see in the email a device called a music synthesizer.  It catches my eye and I read on to learn that this keyboard device can simulate an orchestra!  Could this possibly be the answer to my dilemma?  Do they make one with a digital recorder so I could record music?  But I have no musical training???  Could I create the music that I need with this machine?  I decide to research this further and find only one synthesizer that has a built-in 8 track stereo audio recorder. I find out on the internet that a music store down the street from my home carries it but it'a a 2 week special order.  I'm out of time at this point and I have to get the movie finished.  I can't wait 2 weeks to get it.  On a whim, I call the local music store inquiring about this particular synthesizer model.  The salesman tells me that he just happens to have one in stock!  I can't believe it.  I run down, buy the synthesizer and spend the next 2 days learning what it can do.  In 2 weeks time I write and record the opening and closing music for the movie, all with no music background or knowledge!  Are you kidding me?  Praise God!  So my original "sense" was correct ... custom music was written for the movie just not by the famous composer but by me!  Wow!  God is amazing!!!

12.)  When we began this movie production I asked the pastor and his assistant priest if they thought it would be a good idea to submit for the Church's official approval (Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur) FIRST before we release the movie to the general public on Christmas.  While they thought an official approval would be an asset, they feared we were out of time and that the approval process would be a lengthy one and could be riddled with many time-consuming revisions.  we decided to table the submission until after Christmas.  Upon our submission of the Mass Movie to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, approval was granted in 10 days!  Divine Intervention again?  You decide.  Praise God and to Him be all the glory !!!

13.)  Lastly, here's an interesting "Sidebar" ...

Some years ago I bought a piece of ground to build a home.  During construction we encountered so much groundwater that we couldn't dig a basement.  We really wanted a "basement" (for storage and extra space) so we raised up the house one level and put the "basement" at ground level.  By raising up the house we also ended up with a large extra room (which would have been where the garage was located).
Here we are years later and the large extra room is my video/audio production office for the Lord's work and the ground level "basement" is exactly what I needed for warehousing the Lord's projects (presently storing 15,000 DVDs and 8,000 books and CDs).  One more example of the Lord working everything for a greater good!  Praise God !!!
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